Monday, February 18, 2008

Hawaiin Meatballs

This recipe was given to me by Carlyn - a friend of all us blogger moms. My family loves it. It's so easy it's not really cooking- it's more like stirring & heating up. In true PWoman style- here are the cast of characters...
Costco meatballs- I used just under 1/2 a bag
One package dry onion soup mix
One small or 1/2 large bottle wishbone russian dressing
One can pineapple chunks juice included
1/2 cup peach perserves

Stir together the sauce ingredients then pour over the frozen meatballs.

(chloe's plate)
Heat & eat~
Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes & stir well before serving.
I love this recipe
I serve the meatballs with rice & tonight... broccoli.
Let me know if you try it.


PaD said...

These recipes look soooooo good! I wish I had tried them before I gave up meat. Oh well they still look delicious and the photo's are really beautiful. I'm adding this to my favorites site. PAD

wende said...

these look so good patsy, i'm so excited for this blog to get going! i have a ton of pictures, i just need to find the time to get them up! thanks for participating!

Karolynn said...

We tried this out tonight. It was delicious (I watch too much Dora). It was a nice break cooking something so easy and fast. I served it on rice with summer squash. Ivan really loved it! Thanks for sharing!