Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Every St Patrick's Day we have our traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage meal. We look forward to March when corned beef goes on sale and it is finally inexpensive to buy. Here is how we make our corned beef and cabbage.

3-4 lb corned beef
1 med bag carrots
5-6 red potatoes

The corned beef comes with a seasoning packet. I put the seasoning in a large pot of water and then add the meat. I boil the meat until it is done....usually about 1 hour or so. Right before the meat is done I add a bag of carrots and some diced red potatoes and continue to boil. Right before the meat, carrots and potatoes are done I add a bunch of cabbage and continue to boil for about another 3-5 minutes. We don't like soggy cabbage so I don't boil it very long. Viola you are done! Enjoy!!

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Karrie said...

Okay-corned beef and cabbage never even sounded good to me...until I saw yours I may have to mix it up at my house and give it a try.