Wednesday, November 26, 2008


For my birthday this year I got one of these- a blendtec.
Oh how I love it!
These are the same blenders Orange Julius & all the big name smoothy chains use. The blendtec has a way of really whipping them up- to just the right texture. We make soomthies on a regular basis now.
I buy berries (all kinds), Kern's fruit nectars, & light yogurt at Costco in the big packs-
then mess around with different flavors. This one is strawberry mango!
Frozen strawberries
One can of Mango nectar
2 strawberry yogurts
It's good & good for you!!
Warning: to get the true smoothy experience these need to be sucked down with a straw... seriously folks- it's all about the straw.


Kristy said...

Yummy!!! Last night I made Peach smoothies with the peach nectar and peach yogurt....really yummy! We use your recipe all the time now...thanks!!!

Brian said...

MMmmmmmmm good!

My kids can't get enough smoothies, they're wanting them every day.

We'll have to try your recipe.


Beth said...

Yum! These look really good. I only think about making smoothies when it's hot. But since our slurpee's are going away here I might have to convert to smoothies... much healthier!

You would be so proud, your brother has switched from his too many a day soda habit to the Kerns juice now... he loves it and takes it to work instead of Pepsi or Mt Dew. We knew he could do it!

I will have to make him this smoothie recipe now!!!

Janae said..., I have the recipe, I just need the blender!!!