Sunday, August 17, 2008

Low Land Boil

We started having low land boils every August when our corn is on after one of Kelly's employees introduced them to us and we have had one every year since. It is not hard to do but it is really yummy! We have several people that request a low land boil every year. Here's how to do it.........
You need one larger pot(I usually use one of my canning pots). Fill about 1/2 the pot with water and add one can of "Old Bay Seasoning"(I add the whole can because I make a big batch you can add just half or less of the can it is pretty spicy stuff) find it in the spice isle usually on the bottom shelf. Mix the seasoning in the water. Then add red potatoes(enough to feed your family) boil until potatoes are almost done then add 3-4 cut sausages boil for about 5 more minutes then add corn on the cob and boil until corn is just about done and then add 3 pounds of shrimp and then boil until shrimp are done.....about 3-4 minutes. Time to enjoy the yummy food.

Variation: You can use crawdads fresh from the lake instead of shrimp.


wende said...

wow! that looks absolutely like my kind of down home cookin' comfort food! i'm hungry now! i'm going to go buy a canning pot today so i can make this for dinner. thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

We tried this out on the missionaries last night... they ate the whole pot!

Our Uncle Fred makes a version very simular to it, and he suggested I serve it with his homemade cocktail sauce for the shrimp... really good stuff. (catsup, horseradish, worchestershire sauce, soy sauce, garlic powder, and lemon juice).

The only thing I had to add to it for one of the missionaries was sliced bread and butter, and a tall glass of milk to cut down on the SPICY!

It was a big hit!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Kristy said...

I am glad the missionaries liked it! It is always a hit at our house. I will have to try the homemade cocktail sauce. We had it on Sunday with no cocktail sauce.....I missed it. We usually have rolls and fruit with it.

You can cut down on how spice you add to the pot the less you add the less spicy it is. I usually make such a HUGE pot that it is not too kids will eat it and they hate spicy things.

Anonymous said...

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