Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Banana Crumb Muffins

I had some expired bananas & I didn't want to make banana bread-- I've made banana muffins before but they are always a little dry - just so so. Well I decided to click on over to all recipes & see if there were any recipes for banana muffins.
Muffins just seemed like the perfect thing for breakfast on the first day of school. This recipe did not disappoint!! It had been rated almost 3000 times-
(that's insanely amazing) and had a 5 star rating. Impressive & very well deserved!
these are the very best banana muffins I have ever tried. I followed the recipe exactly & it made a dozen wonderful muffins- sorry I'm too lazy to type it up just click on over here to find it!


Kristy said...

They look so yummy......I love muffin tops!!!

Janae said...

We also did muffins the first day. I love all recipes and I think I actually have made this one before:) definite yummo territory:)