Sunday, May 18, 2008

homemade refried beans

I am not a real bean lover- but I love really good refried beans. My mom used to make them like this & really NO can of refried beans could ever compare. This recipe is sooo easy- it's a great way to use your food storage & literally costs nearly nothing! Try it- if you don't like refried beans, this recipe will change your mind.
rinse 3 cups of pinto beans really well in water. Put them in a large crock pot with 3 quarts of water & one tablespoon of chopped garlic. Cook on high All DAy. There you go that's pretty much it. EASY- After they've cooked all day, using a slotted spoon started ladling them into a frying pan with 1/2 stick of butter, one cup of your favorite salsa & cheese. I usually use cheddar but American cheese makes them extra creamy. You don't really know the cheese is in there- but you do if it's not. It adds a lot of creamy flavor that is Yummmmo.

This night I used maybe five pieces of American cheese, but feel free to do what you want on that. Now- add a Tablespoon of salt. I know it sounds like a lot but really this is a lot of beans, the real thing, not canned beans that are already full of salt. Without the salt - there will be no flavor. So, don't be afraid to salt these babies.

This is the fun part... using a potato masher, mash away. If they are dry at this point, add some of the cooking water until you get the right consistancy. I used a chip to taste test for salt, more cheese, whatever.
YUM they are just right.

Now generously spoon them down the middle of a tortilla with some Gilson Salsa & grated cheddar. That's all we do but you could go nuts & add shredded lettuce, guacamole, whatever.

You really won't believe how good these are, and they are really healthy too depending on how much cheese you add. This recipe makes a lot so don't be afraid to 1/2 it. There is enough for burritos & the best bean dip for another day. My family LOVes them, even jack who is not a real tex-mex fan. Let me know if you try it!


Janae said...

Wow! These looks amazing:) I have always done mine in crock pot too but, the refrying looks so yummy. Thanks for this one. This will be really fun to try.

Kristy said...

I love beans and rice! I am so excited to have a recipe to make them from scratch! Kelly will be excited too!

Beth said...

Hi Sis... I have always wanted this recipe from you, and never remembered to ask.

I tried this Tuesday night, haven't done the Gilson salsa yet, but that is next on my list.

I made them and served them with cheese and homemade tortillas... a bit hit with my boys!!

They said I needed to re-fry the beans more, they were too chuncky... but I just did my best without a potato masher. Gotta get one of those now! I tried every utencil under the sun and got them mashed, but apparently not like yours.

But it was super easy recipe and very very yummy!!

Thanks for sharing, this one is going in my cookbook you gave me! The gift that keeps on giving... I LOVE IT!!!


PaD said...

Hi Patz. I thought you might like to add what I do with the bean juice. I make a sauce with it. I add chili powder to the bean juice then add corn starch mixed with a little cold bean juice stir all together while cooking till thickened. Remember those enchilades from Kent we all like so well? This is the sauce that goes over the cheese enchiladas. Just use american cheese in your corn tortillas and pour this sauce over it and heat them up. Really good. Mom

Beth said...

Patz ~ I got a potato masher and this recipe worked so much better! I was really way to excited over a potato masher!

I just wanted to share something I added that gave it a different twist... I have been trying to figure out what to do with the beef chunks I have in the food storage from the cannery. I was having beef chunk block big time.

I put one can in with the beans in the crockpot so they cooked and really broke down, but in the end result, they gave a great flavor and a little different texture to the beans! Pretty yummy beef and bean burritos!

I love this bean recipe, I can't wait to try the sauce from the juice Mom added... I just found that comment. Yum! We Love those enchiladas from Kent.