Monday, September 1, 2008

Canning Tomatoes

This really is not a recipe but I wanted to post this for my kid's. So someday if they decide they want to can they will know how. My Mom taught me how to can when I first got married and I have been doing it just about every year since I got married. Since I am married to farmer Kelly we always have a big garden every year and we can't waste the food we grow so I either freeze it, can it or give it away.

Everyone has there own way but here is how I can tomatoes.First off you need a lot of yummy tomatoes from your garden or store. Clean and wash the tomatoes and then put them into boiling water on the stove for about 1-2 minutes(this helps so the skin peels off really easy).
Remove from boiling water and put them into cold water in the sink. Remove one tomato at time and peel the skin off and cut off the stem and any other parts and then cut tomatoes in half or in quarters so they fit into the bottles.
Put tomatoes into quart jars that have been cleaned and sterilized in the dishwasher. Fill jars until just about full (leaving about a1/2 inch or so at the top). Wipe off around the mouth of the jar. I do not add anything to my tomatoes...........this is just what works for my family. Some people add onions and other things but I prefer them plain and then I can add what I want when I use them. Put on lid.......I usually have a pan with my lids on the stove simmering and I pull them out of the hot water as I need them. Add ring to jar.

Put bottles in steamer or hot bath.......I used both ways today. I found out that the food people are saying we should use a hot bath instead of steamer. I steamed my tomatoes for 60 minutes and cooked them in a hot bath for 50 minutes(per the extension service). You start the time on the steamer when the steam comes out of the holes on the side and count the time on the hot bath when the water boils.When finished cooking/steaming I leave them out on the counter to cool. Make sure that they all seal...........if not put the ones that don't seal in the fridge. Mine usually all seal except for one here and there.Write the year on the top of the lid so you can eat the older ones first. Our tomatoes usually get used for taco soup or homemade salsa or whenever a recipe calls for stewed tomatoes. I hope makes sense!


Janae said...

This looks like a ton of work...but, so very worth it! The pictures are wonderful. I would like to learn one day:)

mommy nurse said...

I am one of 10 kids and though I always helped w/ canning, at least the planting, picking and cleaning part, I was then chased out for the "hot stuff". Every year I tell my 81 year old mom she has to teach me how to can this still hasn't happened! I love your pictures and will bookmark your page so that I can come back when I am ready! Thanks!