Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grandma Fujikawa's Teriyaki Sauce

This is a picture of Kelly's Grandpa and Grandma Fujikawa, Kenzo and Hatsumi. Emily is named after his Grandma Fujikawa. Her middle name is Hatsumi which means first born but we did not know that at the time we named Emily we just lucked out.

I did not get to know Kelly's Grandparents very well they did not speak very much English. Grandma Fujikawa was a very small women, under 5 feet. She was a hard worker all her life. Life was not very easy for them being immigrants. They did not plan on staying in US but they never returned to Japan except to visit. Grandpa died at 100 years old a year after we were married and Grandma died when I was pregnant with Emily....that is partly the reason for the middle name. Below is Grandma Fujikawa's teriyaki sauce recipe that everyone in the family uses.
1 cup soy sauce ( We like Yamsa but it getting hard to find)
1 cup sugar
1 t ginger
1t red pepper
1t garlic powder
1/3 c mirin(Japanese Rice Wine you can usually find it in the Oriental section at the grocery store)

Mix all ingredients together.

I use this sauce to marinate meat in. Our very favorite is teriyaki beef strips. I have the butcher slice a london broil or steaks in strips and then marinate the meat and then grill them. We also marinate chicken like in the picture above. I also use this sauce when making stir fry. I marinate my stir fry meat in the sauce. I add the sauce and the meat to the wok and cook it first and then add veggies. My kids love it when we have teriyaki anything!


Beth said...

Let me just say, I love this blog! I am Patsy's SIL and one of my favorite gifts from her was a homemade cookbook... probably her brothers favorite gift too... I was not a cook when we married.
This has been an awesome way to add recipes to it... the gift that keeps on giving!! Thanks Patsy!!

We love, love, love teriaki anything at our house... but I could never buy a teriaki sauce that tastes right out of the bottle. I have experimented in trying to make my own. I am so excited to have an authentic recipe. My favorite part is the picture of Grandma and Granpa Fujikawa with the history of where it came from. It will be so much more special including that with the printed recipe in my book!

Thanks again girls, we love this blog... Bon Apetite!

Janae said...

I am really excited to try this one. We love teriyaki anything too. I loved hearing about the grandparents and I am with Beth...excited to have an authentic recipe:)