Tuesday, July 8, 2008

apey's chicken salad

we have a guest chef today, my sister in law apey who is such a good cook that i'm sure this will be her first of many guest appearances on our cooking blog. do you know that she has been published in martha stewart's every day food magazine?! now you're paying attention! allie i guess is also a guest chef, one of her favorite things is cooking with apey. this chicken salad is one of my favorite apey recipes, whenever she makes it she always brings me a small container of it because she loves me. when i asked her for the recipe she said it changes every time, a little of this a little of that, however much you like of each thing...so the recipe is really more just a list of ingredients.

chicken - thawed, cut into strips, cooked in EVOO, salt & pepper and then chopped
mayo - apey doesn't believe in miracle whip, only best foods will do
red grapes - halved
tabasco sauce - just a dash
lemon juice - small amount
red onion - finely chopped
celery - finally chopped
maybe salt and pepper if you want mix ingredients together and serve on sandwiches, lettuce wrapes, tortillas or rolls - great for showers!


patsy said...

mmmmm that looks so good

Karrie said...

perfect for summer and not wanting to be near the hot stove!

Kristy said...

I think I need to make this it looks yummy! I actually have 2 recipes to post I need to get on that!

Megan said...

I made this yesterday and it turned out SO, SO, SO GOOD!!! I made a small amount because I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out (I didn't have all of the ingredients) but today I'm making a big batch of it. I didn't have tabasco sauce or lemon juice so I used salt, pepper and basil instead. This stuff is awesome.